Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A very special Cake for my mom's 60th B-day

We just returned form our trip in Czech. My mom was celebrating her 60th b-day. We just couldn't miss this chance to be there for her and see the whole family at the same time. While living here in the US, I have missed a lot on all the parties and reunions, so it was a very special visit. Of course, I had to make a special cake for my mom. I didn't know exactly what and how it will turn out until I a made the base and dress up the Doll in a fondant dress. Well, I was motivated by a very old photo of my mom, holding me and my sister. She was gorgeous, skinny and with the longest legs. :-) Now, all of her kids are gone, but she has two tiny dogs, so I thought I would try to make a cake with a doll looking like my mom 36 years ago (just like on the old photo), but with two dogs instead of us. :-) I was also getting rid of this beautiful decorative shopping cart. I loved it but the boys wanted to play with it and got hurt every time they did. So, here is what we came up with. My MOM, shopping for her big b-day party, having her two dogs along. She is also dressed in similar cloths she is wearing on her photo. Actually, It was even closer, but right before the party, I jumped in the shower and since no one was watching my boys, Lucas took the doll and ate half of her clothing, including a button on the skirt and her necklace. We were running late already, so there was only enough time and Fondant for a quick touch ups and cover ups. The scarf covered torn sleeves and the second button was added in Photoshop :-) I cried a little but everything ended up just fine! The cake had a success and no one would ever tell there was something wrong :-) Enjoy!

The doll's dress disappeared in few seconds. Everyone was so eager to taste the skirt! :-) All the guests jumped on the cake like bee's on a sunflower. It was sooo cute! And the cake was sooooo yummy!

These cakes weren't for my mom's party, but were also made for a very special occasion:

I do have few more older cakes I would like to add too. I did few wedding cakes. mostly dolls, and two of them were for my own wedding :-) How funny! I just love making cakes for fun...

This one was for our Wedding reception in Czech Republic.

... and this one for our reception in New York.

I used to work with a girl in Missouri who was getting married. I asked her to describe her dress and this is what I came up with .... what do you think? :-)

...cake for a wedding shower, one large and four small umbrellas.

The dress, flowers and accessories were the exact replica of her Wedding Look.


Petr said...

To jsou opravdu nadherny dorty. Musel jsem se usmivat, ze kluci kousek snedli. Ja, kdybych nasel takto krasny dort nechraneny... urcite bych take neodolal:-). Urcite bych ale kousl i do kosiku...u tvych dortu nikdy nepoznam co je dort a co ne:-) Dort pro tvou maminku neni jenom dort. Je to uplne panorama. Nadhera.

Petr said...

A ty svatebni dortiky, to je nefalsovane umelecke dilo. Jsou opravdu nedherny!!