Thursday, April 2, 2009

Soooooooo so cute!

Here is few really cute cakes. The little angles were made for my husband's 41st Birthday from his two son's, each being one of the angels. The heads are really edible. I made them out of candy melts, after I created a mold with a special molding gel and a real, Anne Geddes doll. It really turned out cute..... kinda freaky though :-)

Yep, we really eat it! :-)

This one was made for my friend Katya, and her B-Day....

The little man on this cake is Conner. I made this cake for his Christening.

Finaly, this one I made for a baby shower.... who's? MINE! :-) Very unusual but I really wanted to make this cake and had to find a good ocasion :-)

Iveta's Sporty Cakes

Spring is finally coming and all the sports are starting as well. Here is few sporty cakes I made in the past.... I really wish I had more time to make more fun cakes. One at the time.... :-)