Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Round Cakes

Here are some very simple round cakes. Most of the decorations are made out of sugar and watter with food coloring. It is made on a wax paper and piping the edges with thicker paste and filled in with the thinner paste. Let me know if you would like a recipe! It's very simple! You can premake them and store them for years! They are edible.
This is my very first cake with the roses ;-) can you tell?

I made this Eeyore cake for Jesse to bring to school for his 4th B-day. He was so proud of this one, because he helped me to make it...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

YOUR Cakes - Tammy's BOOs

My friend Tammy, from Arizona made these cakes for this year's Halloween. They have this wonderful custom to BOO their neighbors for Halloween. For those who don't know this, every year in their neighborhood they go around and boo people by leaving a treat on their door step. They are fantastic Tammy! I love them and I am so excited you let me share them with others! Thank you! I hope you will send some more!

This is Tammy and her beautiful family...

YOUR Cakes - Vladka's Cakes

This cake is sooooo funny! It's called Mole's Cake and they are really selling this cake in the box in Czech. :-) My sister in law, Vladka made this cake. Thanks for sharing! Love it! :-)

I just got another wonderful cake from Vladka. Lots of M&Ms and look! How cute! :-)

She made this cake for her daughter, Kristynka.

YOUR Cakes - Liduska's colorful cakes

This is my mom and her creative soul :-) She loves everything very busy and colorful. Let's see.... This is a bear shaped cakes decorated with any star tip. She put marshmallow sticks around the base of the cake :-) Cute!

I really liked this cake. The frosting was fantastic and so was the cake. Can you tell? :-) This is my sister and me trying really hard to finish the last piece...

YOUR Cakes - Monika's Fruit Cakes

This is Monika, my sister:

... and these are her masterpieces. She just purchased the cake base and filled in with fresh fruit (peaches) and poured jello over it. It is up to you if you would like to put some frosting on the bottom.

YOUR Cakes - Send Us Yours!

I always wanted to start a chat room with cakes. It is so nice to have someone to help or advise on making cool cakes. I was hoping to get as many poeple as possible to join my blog, so that we can ALL share and help each other. So, please, start emailing your master pieces to me so that we can give ideas to others. Can you join us? I will call this section YOUR Cakes and whenever someone sends a cake that isn't made by Iveta, I will add YOUR Cakes in the title. If you can, just add few short instructions how you made it and let's start something fun! Send this link to as many friends as you can, so that we can start sharing! If you have questions on how to make Any of these cakes, either Iveta's Cakes or YOUR Cakes, feel free to email or leave a comment!
Email your photos and short description to I will publish your cakes shortly after I receive your email. Don't forget to add a picture of yourself, either with or without your cake!

Caterpillar Cake

This is a Caterpillar Cake made for my little niece, Verunka and her 1st birthday.

I can't believe we didn't get a picture of Veronika with her cake! We sure did get some other shots... this is my sister and myself... eating the cake!

.... poor Caterpillar .... faceless cake :-) It sure was yummy!

Naughty cakes ;-)

I had a very hard day today, and I find the blogging somehow relaxing. So I decided to post few new cakes. I mean .... old cakes .... I made these few years back, and you will know shortly who they belonged to: This big-chested cake was made for my friend's boyfriend.

I made another chested cake for my older brother Pavel. He hates his picture taken but he knew he wouldn't get away with this one :-)! He was soooo embarrassed! :-)

I didn't make this Cigarette cake. My mom did. She caught my 15-yr old brother smoking and this was her way to tell him, if Cigarettes, then only Cake ones! :-) It was so funny! :-)

And this is my younger brother ... blowing his candles on his cigarette cake.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Barbies in style

Here is another addition to my cake diary. Looking at all the cakes I have done, I might be able to separate them into sections. These barbies are one of my first pieces. They are really cute for little girls, but since I have two boys, most of my cakes are for boys. That's why the girly ones are somehow special ;-)
This orange barbie was for my little niece, Kristynka

The purple barbie was a gift for my good friend Dana from Missouri

... and this is Dana with son Izac

The next two barbies were a special order for my friends, again in Missouri. The pink one was a gift for a niece.

This blue cake was made as a joke for my girlfriend's son for his 22nd b-day.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Yummy egg breakfast

How about breakfast to bed? :-) I love getting up to the smell of fresh fried egg and bacon sandwiches... Doesn't happen every day, but ones in a while, my husband and kids surprise mommy and make a breakfast to bed for me. I don't think this cake is the right kind of breakfast you want to get up to. I made this cake one day after watching the Food Network channel... they made a fried egg cake with yolk running out after the first cut. I had to try this! I made my own eggnog and poured it in a cavity inside the cake. It was fantastic! Honestly, the bacon is also edible, but took a lot longer to make than the whole cake!